Mary Apparition

rev 23 MAY 04

May the following erudition (profound knowledge) motivate thee...

This is exciting, last week (5-20-04) at a student job, I noticed another cord in the shape of   Mary.  My co-guild member pointed out it could be a bubbly two.  So imagine that in your mind and Mary will coalesce bearing child.

"Calling All Angels" by Train is on now for some reason, I am sure. The need for a sign is raised. I have a dear friend, she is not raised above me in height, yet I swan that on some days she appears taller to me. And on those days I feel I can look up to her for a sign, paradoxically like when we feel God must be somewhere lost in the grooves of our soul or is it the sole of our shoes. Like she must have felt when her Mary became earthbound no more... This is about a Mary too. May they both be honored today. May this be a day you have a taller view, like the crystal clear view atop a mountain from the Rocky Mtn. High of John Denver...

On 1-5 at 1:05, I noticed the above 👆 cord in it's present configuration. Recently, my maroon belt landed in the only similar configuration a truncated belt can muster [Had I worn a larger belt, I would have been enamored sooner], which prompted me to create this webpage to be hosted for time immortelle (everlasting) by those that care to, in military terms, promogulate it by copying it freely.

The upper part being Mary's head with arms holding the Messiah, and legs kneeling back.

The cord can also be seen as the baby Jesus. A minor miracle apart from the major, is the waves somehow seen [under reconstruction] in one frame and not the other, declaring the waves of emotion when one at least dedicates to Being Christ-like - the truly New Wave Movement. I believe if all religions embody the Christ-like Concept, then He won't have to come back as soon.

I have been blessed by this Apparition, mostly by letting God (The Higher Power I was raised on) tinker with the details, and letting me get on with the commonalities in Life, and in us All.

May this Apparition bear fruit for all... may you see clearer now, may the rain that hits like bullets, be gone!

Now here's the extended remix. The following diatribe is not putting down natural progression, which is a filter. I used to be addicted to the wafting of the shrink wrap of tapes (now that's some red tape). This is based on trace chemicals (upon which a type of Chinese Medicine is founded). It's a very fine hit when you rip off the plastic. I bought a drug addicts amount of remixes. One song tweaked, like a drug dealer tweaks to keep you coming back for more of the same drug, in this case same song done seven different ways.

I was in the President's club in junior high in a magazine sweeps house..

Back to "Calling All Angels" by Train. A train horn is a'blowin now. By accident? Or as Psychological Doctor Nathan Williams of the University of Arkansas professes, a parallel? I had an offset with a Dr. Bill, so I am much obliged for the course corrections since by other Dr. Bill's or doctors that have worked at the Willliams building like Dr. Donald "Duck Bill" Clay or analyze this, Dr. Holiman (my name's Hollman!) who works at two William buildings! Or Dr. Donald "Duck Bill" Garcia and Dr. William Privitera of FutureSearch Trials... ever heard of plus or minus one?


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