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"Wordhigh in print, ...Interstellar."
-- Secret Service PID Special Agent

The Hollman for President

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Revelations 1:3, "Be a Keeper of The Secrets." For every secret I let out, two more will replace it.
A mental patient says, "I'm Jesus." I say, "I just want to give him a day off."

A Savior we can all agree on, is savoring the moment.

This gets youth to look up in the distance and go, wow... Instead of being selfish and selling fish, give a few away, like the Messiah did or will do.

What is Tom Cruise trying to do to Shrinks?

He's trying to give them a shot of their own medicine, with...

a Tomahawk Cruise missile.

Here is the secret of what is higher than your degree: 'Those with patience to study,  can say awesome. All the others say, awe, sum it all up... Awesome and awe, sum.' Thanks for serving your seat time.

What do doctors like to do in operating rooms? Chew gum. What kind? Surgical grade.

My Dad really laughed when I said, 'I am going to go so high, they're going to have to park me in orbit.'

With your mind present America, I will have the presence of mind to lead God's Country. This one's for you Dad.

Some get the general drift, I want to be... General Drift.

Dedicated to Dr. Asbury, MD, Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist, and Asst. Professor.

'Thank God for doctors; they teach us to...
"Say ah," I might get it some day.
Not, "uh," I don't know.'

Why do mental clubhouses have vaulted ceilings...
They have bats in the belfry.

'Whatever is out there Good, Amen.'

If one doesn't focus, they could become a foe of society and tend to cuss.

If one isn't polite to the police, they may get stuck to a pole like ice.

The Creator is in mental health...
He went crazy trying to figure out where He came from.
Why did they have a hard time fitting him with a straight jacket?
He has such presence.

In relationships, there are those who take on a c.a.s.e. When Christ (whether he has come yet or not) assists souls eternally.

The Omentum is a flap of skin that hangs below the stormach and takes over when the other organs fail.

The past has been cast, so don"t bother to reel it in.

FUN - Future Underway Now

I would be Remiss not to Reminisce.

What is Tom Cruise really trying to do to Shrinks?

He's trying to give them a shot of their own medicine, with...

a Tomahawk Cruise missile.

(A good film for emotional health is Awakenings.)

A commander in the US Navy said, "There's no stopping you," to this: There's the Christendom-dome and the Muslimdom-dome. And Augers augment thru Jeffries Tubes connecting the domes, as good will ambassadors.

What do The Big Bang and The Creator have in common? They both came from Thin Air.

God was, and then...
He realized It... If We can't pray, we can send emanations to... The Great Beyond.

Planet of the Apes: Who can go Ape S, I can only go monkey S, but thank God, we can both go Holy S.

Some are well, some are in a well.

Life is the lake, and the after life is... 

The Reflection.

3 delightfully key words...
miser miser-able able. A miser is miserable, until he's finally able, from saving.

Here is the secret of what is higher than your degree: 'Those with patience to study, can say awesome. All the others say, awe, sum it all up... Awesome and awe, some.' Thanks for serving your seat time.

There is no beginning since you can always go before that and then before that... An Amish Minister on Broadway in LA, said, "Then you are high up."

Averism, sacred truth or personal advertisement that applies to us all, as told by a Truthsayer, an Averist.

There is The Good Lord, The Bad Lord, and The Neutral Lord.
Two are playing chess and one is the referee or judge.

What does the Belief Chaplain say to the non-believer during last rites to break the ice: So I hear you like to dance with fire.

'There's the Brotherhood of this, the Brotherhood of that, and the Brotherhood of the Other.'

People will tolerate one more who rates taller by increasing their stature thru the study of Life.

What ever happened to God, JR

"Therapy in the context of human relationships."

A strong dose of reality is...

a cure all.

>> The Centered Party, For those so in the all-encompassing middle, they feel squeezed. For all things gravitate towards the Center.

Marcus, mark us or march us

Hollman, a man in a hole or a whole man

House of H

Touch downs, or Touch ups

Consort Escort -- Old School
5 rings -- Hope, Friendship, Promise, Engagement, Marriage

The Messiah and Mohammad are both The Sacred House of M. They have returned and are sharing power. Now the war can end.

I used to get Bombastic, now I just have arresting thoughts.

Hear me out: If one can not worry about God, worry about The Source of God.

The Source is everywhere | Wave at a human and say.... "Hello God/Goddess/Unisex." Let God possess You, and work thru You. Secret | Jesus may return at any moment; He wants to return in each one of us until then. Awesome.

My Grandparents were in Masonry. I was Demolay youth corps for one Grand Day after coincidentally-coincide seeing an open call in the paper. My Grandfather told me that A words are the powerful words: For Heaven's sake don't assassinate, astaginate -- get rid of stagnation.

Appropriate appropriations appropriately all ways, always.

What is awesome about brown eyes? They are a direct connection to The Soul, while I have a distraction... sparkleys.

"Uppercase Masonry, a brotherhood fellowship (the biggest ship of all).

Lowercase masonry, spontaneous fellowship and empathy among All."

We all could be in the Grand Army of The Republic, because you never know when it could come down to you, as the last one standing.

1) IGA (Independent Grocer's Assoc.) grocery [in reverse]

2) Safeway grocery [Some Safeway's were renamed Homeland]

3) Food4Less grocery

4) Trader Joe's

A G.I. (Joe)?

Or the SafeWay (pacifist way)?

And a pacifist sure wouldn't want to join Homeland Security.

And a pacifist needs Food 4 Less than a War Hero.

Just as a "greased" pig is hard to catch, so is a "butter" fly.

Say to your Lady, 'Your heart is so shiny, it bounces off the moon.'

You are so refined, you could make crude oil clear.

I went to Wayside Elementary and then Limestone Elementary.

And when I went by the Wayside in Life, I was graced they...

didn't send me to a Limestone quarry.

'If you can't see the answer,

sail a calm sea, until

you calm the answer out of you.'

'May I have the inclination,

to climb Life's inclines.'

Indecisive?.. Or having trouble swallowing a Horse Pill? Think of it as a surgical vitamin.

Or just an intricate collection of atomic matter. Well, what does that matter,

when a trinket of an idea would be... below whatever We can call stuff,

is the unknown or Spiritual. So, this is all just an Unknown Spiritual Exercise.


If one doesn't have a conscience, their guilt can eventually stab them... Until you leave All remnants of your former self behind. Then a Peace Officer in Greenland, Arkansas said: "You are awake."

I was half out of my mind once. Now I'm past being half in it.

Pilots have a bigger piece of the pie, but aren't around their lot alot.

Evade Preachy, Teachy, and kind of Speachy.

Endless press conferences, are about pressing on...

I'm Honorary, trying not to be ornery.

Pass around

more mints to chill,

so another one,


won't end up on a hill.

A real man attempts to put a diaper on a baby whale.

If you can't worry about God... worry about The Source of God.

The Source is a Beacon

on a Pyramid

in the Center of the Universe

welcoming with a Sea of Life

Cosmic Whirlpool,

or a transforming Black Hole.

A con can still grow by practicing congruity (being appropriate and harmonious).

Cons leave a trail, instead of striving to
hold their head up high, aim high
and leave jet Contrails (vapor trails).

Be on your way to getting somewhere emotionally, mentally, or physically before your shoes wear out.

Ants, up the Ante, by their sheer numbers.

The worst, is to be guilty, without feeling guilty.

Where does a lost memory exist? In/On/Under a Sea of Thoughts and/or in the center of the universe.

I'd like to meet the Supreme speck of dust.

I'd like to meet the source of The Source.

I can't conceive of how... Then conceive a child and maybe that baby can grow up and figure it out.

What's togetherness? To Get Her Nestled

I'm mostly just a zippy quippy, one liner,

wanting to sail as smooth as an ocean liner

on a saltless sea.

A guillotine... is for the guilty.

Coke still has cocaine since they can never fully purge the lines.

Fact: Side effects are 1/3 less likely to affect you, if you don't know what they are. And 1/3 more likely to affect you, if you do know what they are.

Fact: 5% of schizophrenics don't need medication. John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, rationalized away his disease (dis-satisfaction with being at ease) by observing that the kids he saw never aged and never changed clothes, so he was able to ignore them.

Fact: UNESCO -- A UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Org. Director promogulated that medications affect you differently on different days.

Christ Jesus breaks the tie...

He is The One... open window for our Spectrum of Upbringing. Missions are the ultimate football game. I like all faith chapels.

Salvation is the screen that filters True Purity for Us.

by Marcus Russell Hollman, Mostly Christian. Raised as Methodist, we have our...

Methods. On loan to Scientology, yet I take psych meds.

D Z 6 years ago

where's the center of the universe? where's the edges?

have you been to the restaurant?

We are grateful to

Field Agent
Clinical Instructor, Therapist


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