In Pursuit

31 years ago, I buckled up and placed my hand all across the light bar. And found the sirens. Then engaged. The Officers where on me before I could floor it. I turned around the corner and headed for the right corner of a chiropractic clinic.

The K-9, Bingo, was trained to be on the floor during high speed maneuvers. I had crashed on a skate board and walked into a hoe my Dad was using, when I was younger. And being thrown by a horse at about 20. Which may have led to my taking anticonvulsants' now for mostly mania. A certain member of my family thinks I may be just defective, God bless her.

It would all have been over there, but why? It was the 1st Anniversary of the disco club Tremors. The landlord, not the owner, gave me an open bottle of Jim Bean. I was 19 and had never been so inebriated. I had seen a girl I hadn't seem in ages. I scribbled her a note, went outside, and when I couldn't find her, had a callous disregard.

2 years later, I overheard my Dad tell my Grandpa, "I think he is getting worse on his new medication. When is he going to get his life together." I held in what I heard and came out into the kitchen. I said I would get my life together whenever I dang well pleased. I had never cursed in front of my Grandfather before. My Dad pointed at the ceiling and said. Well, You can just leave.

With no weapon, I went to the nearest convenience store. And with a please, the register opened. They sent me to a church camp for a year, where they took me off all my medications. I did not stay.


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